Ovie Paul-Ejukorlem

About Me

Hi…I’m Ovie Paul-Ejukorlem, a versatile designer with a wide range of interests and competencies which I apply to startups to enable them to shape great ideas and obtain insights from users. 

I excel at understanding strategic inputs and outputs of products and effectively communicating with a range of business and technical team members.

Design isn’t something I planned to do, it’s something I had always done and finally articulated throughout my career. I was born into the home of a renowned Nigerian artist Paul Ejukorlem, so I grew up around acrylic paints, scents of freshly stretched-out canvas and shafts of wood carvings all over the house.

My dad’s influence, the love for cartoons, and an entrepreneurial teenage life led me to blend those experiences into designing successful products.

When I’m not on my computer working on some project, you can catch me watching anime, spending time with friends and family, working out, or just being silly on a dance floor somewhere around the world.

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I talk about things I’m passionate about – Design, anime, productivity, and life as a global citizen from Nigeria 😁