Finding Your Niche

The topic of having your niche is probably as old as marketing but many individuals and businesses still find it difficult to recognize their target audience and develop products to…


Finding a Bug

Buuuugs!!! Everyone’s nightmare except if you’re from the Aburame clan (anime joke). While we may have a terrible case of mosquitoes and roaches in Nigeria, bugs mean a whole new nightmare for programmers. I took up programming very seriously in January 2019 and one core programming skill is debugging – the ancient art of searching out bugs in code and fixing it. So what exactly is a bug? (more…)

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Personality smiley

What is your personality type?

If you’ve heard all about personality types and want to know yours right away, just visit the best resource that I know of regarding personality tests If you don’t mind sharing, let’s know how accurate your result profile was in the comment section… and, if you would like to know a little bit more about the 16 personalities, read on!


A good place to start

So you’ve made up your mind to start that big idea, to quit that job (you might want to think this one through), to record that hit track, to move to Lagos (you might want to think harder on this), to pick up a new skill, to settle down or change your apartment… then the next big question, “where do I start?”. (more…)


Why haven’t you started yet?

Hello everyone…so, I finally started a blog!

Wow!!!… I actually did it, hehehehe…even I can’t believe it!!!

I never considered myself to be one of those writers to keep you glued to the screen long enough for garri to soak, but that is exactly what starting this blog represents… putting yourself out there, even when things aren’t exactly how you imagine them in your head.