Buuuugs!!! Everyone’s nightmare except if you’re from the Aburame clan (anime joke). While we may have a terrible case of mosquitoes and roaches in Nigeria, bugs mean a whole new nightmare for programmers. I took up programming very seriously in January 2019 and one core programming skill is debugging – the ancient art of searching out bugs in code and fixing it. So what exactly is a bug?

A bug is a malfunction, a misappropriation, a mistake, an error, basically code which hinders an app to run effectively. Bugs can be found in the following categories:

Functionality: The buttons, the links, the navigation…how is the website meant to function? A bug is a the ‘About’ page leading to contact page.

Usability: This focuses on user centered design, a test group can go through the app to figure out usability bugs. A bug here looks something like ‘where do I sign up?’.

Compatibility: Here we take the different browsing devices into account, desktops, phones, tablets etc. Under the various devices, we also have to consider different browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. How does the app work across these different plaforms, any inconsistency is a cockroach!

The Interface: How does it look visually? It might be working but be needing baygon for the visuals. What’s the color contrast? How is the content aligned?

Security: Bugs here are bad for business (all bugs are)…it looks like unprotected data, insecure processes like exposed passwords and so on.

Performance: Load time, user capacity…how well does the app work work work work work!

That being said, at HNG 5.0 each intern had a task to pinpoint a bug on the timbu website…I pointed out an alignment bug (yup, interface related).

Checkout the logo on the navigation bar with an awesome left alignment.


Now checkout the left alignment without the padding property (it’s a lot closer to the edge).


Here’s our problem…no left margin or padding on the footer.


The problem can easily be identified by the contrast between the alignment of the footer and the header.

Thanks for reading, more tech related posts on the way.

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